Q-tips Rebrand

Q-tips Rebrand

In 2015, Q-tips wanted a major social rebrand that would expand their image beyond being seen as just a beauty tool. From arts & crafts, to auto-detailing, to baby care and cleaning, the main goal of the campaign was to showcase all of the hackable moments in life where Q-tips could essentially come to the rescue.

We launched the campaign with the reveal of a new product, Q-tips Cotton Rounds. As a creative team, we used internally handmade crafts, developed relationships with social influencers/artists for sponsored posts, and designed social content that was based around DIY step by steps. We simplified the art direction to focus mainly on the products(s) as standalone projects/Q-tips sculptures that could tell a story about usage occasion. During the campaign, the word began spread throughout the arts & crafts community and we increased the number of followers and fans by 250%. The social rebrand ended up being so successful, that the brand asked us to reverberate the new look & feel throughout all their assets even outside of social, including a full website redesign.

Role: Art Director/Designer

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